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Posted on January 31 2017

This week is one of many first's full of anticipation and excitement... most notably we opened our first store which was so exciting to be able to share with everyone what we have been working towards, launched our first ever Madge Goods website, daughters #2 and #3 both started at new schools today on their Abuello's (Grandfather's) 71st Birthday, and I sit for the first day in my new tiny studio space behind the store finding a new rhythm whilst typing my first ever Madge blog entry! 

Like for my daughters starting out at their new schools, this too is only just the beginning for Madge... though it has been living inside my head for many many years as an aspiration, it does feel good to have finally launched. However wonderful this brand new feeling I know that our new business is just beginning and there is much to do daily to keep the cogs turning. Presently there is only me working full-time and this blog is where I will tell our story of Madge Goods which I am so thrilled and honoured to share with you. 


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